Mouthwash Manufacturer

We can assist you in creating your own oral rinse brand with full service customization in all kinds of flavors, efficacies, and sizes.

Facilitate Your Business with Strong Support

Whatever you require to develop a new mouthwash line, our experts are ready to fulfill with extensive abilities.


Certified Quality & Safety

Reliable material from notable global suppliers sets your business apart in the marketplace, and achieve global certification such as FDA, HALAL, ISO, GMPC and etc.

Authority in Industry

Over 30 years of development, as the director of China Oral Care Industry and Association, we can fulfill your orders efficiently with constant innovation, latest machines, and updated expertise.

Free Samples

Free standard samples with only paying postage can arrive within days. And if you need a custom formula, we can also blend a sample based on your specifications.

Flexible Soutions

A series of custom services on your demands, including sourcing raw material, customizing formula, manufacturing with samples or formula, and designing package.

Custom Formula Options

Unlimited possibilities for you to distinct from others.

Taliored Packaging Design & Solution

To enhance your toothpaste brand aesthetic and make it stand out in the market, we also provide design and print services on tube, pump or box. What’s more, our automatic line with the lastest equipment fills the ingredient in tube, packs your eyecatching package and delivers a completed product to your hands.
designing for the toothpaste

Turkey Solutions for Create Your Brand

Don't know where to Start? Two efficient ways for you to choose and start product branding.

Private Label
private label mouthwash

Hassle Free Branding with Assistance

You are essentially putting your brand name or logo on products that we have already designed and manufactured. With turnkey service, you can private label a new toothpaste line without complication.
Contract Manufacturing
a bottle of listerin mouthwash

Indepth Customization under Control

Though we take responsibility for ingredients sourcing, formula testing, sizes, bulk manufacturing, package design, all the design and specifics can be customized and are all under your control. We can do it entirely to your specifications, or we can brainstorm with you to get a clear picture of your vision and work to create it.

Already make a decision in mind?

Extensive and Popular Mouthwash Selection

Various types of private label mouthwash are offered for you to target a diverse assortment of consumer markets.

Portable Alcohol Free Mouthwash

Efficacy: Freshening Breath
Flavor: Grapefruit, coffee and etc.
Net Content: 5~20ml (0.16 - 0.67oz)
Package: Sachet or bottle

Charcoal & Enzyme Mousse Mouthwash

Efficacy: Freshening Breath
Flavor: Mint
Net Content: 60ml(2.03oz)
Package: Sachet or bottle

Whitening Foaming Mouthwash

Efficacy: Teethwhitening
Flavor: Spearmint
Net Content: 473ml(16oz)
Package: Sachet or bottle
toothpaste and mouthwash

Can Mouthwash Replace Toothpaste?

Mouthwash is a kind of oral care product that many people like to use to clean mouth and fresh breath, especially when tooth brushing is not convenient. To clean your mouth totally, tooth brushing, mouthwash, and dental floss are three necessary procedures that you can not miss.

Brushing with toothpaste is the most basic oral care, but it can only remove a part of the dental plaque, not totally. And a toothbrush is not convenient to the adjacent surface, and after brushing, there will still be numerous bacteria in the gingival groove and between the teeth.

Meanwhile, the mouthwash is a liquid texture, and it can clean the deeper dead zone of the mouth than the floss and reach the effect of no friction and soft cleaning your mouth.

In a word, toothpaste, and mouthwash both have their own advantages, so the idea of replacing tooth brushing with mouthwash is wrong and they can’t substitute each other.

Type of Mouthwash

It is crucial to carefully read the labels and adhere to the instructions provided with each mouthwash product to comprehend its specific benefits and usage guidelines. For private label mouthwash, consulting with your mouthwash manufacturer or mouthwash agency is recommended. There exist different types of mouthwashes designed for specific purposes. 

What is the use of mouth wash?

Mouthwash is primarily used to enhance oral hygiene. It can freshen breath, kill bacteria, prevent cavities, reduce plaque formation, and promote gum health. Additionally, some varieties of mouthwash have specific purposes such as whitening teeth, reducing sensitivity, or treating certain oral conditions.

a man pouring the mouthwash