Индивидуальная формулировка

Make your oral care product stand out with ingenuity and originality.
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Formulate the Way You Want

Our research and development team will do everything from accessing your idea to bringing it to life.

Developing Formulas

You can provide a sample or formula, and we can develop it to the next level.

Private Label Formulas

Get popular reccomendation and choose from our library with hundreds of formula.

Custom Formulas

Create a formula from scratch with experienced assistance over 30 years of exploration.

A Full Range of Custom Options

Unlimited possibilities for you to distinct from others


Whether you prefer basic or natural ingredients, we can customize liquidpaste and mousse for you including charcoal, baking soda, amino acids, и т. д..


Active efficacies and popular elements allow freshening breath, whitening teeth, preventing from decay, и т. д..


A wide amount of flavors, including classical mints and even some new fun flavors like Orange, Mocha and etc.


From portable mini size to large household size (2.4oz ~27oz), we can customize it according to your targeted market.
формула зубной пасты

Stability Test before Massive Production

To ensure your formula is safe and effective enough for the market, we can run it through a series of tests and make it up to standard after the formula is completed in blending.

Formula Library

Basic Ingredients

Popular Ingredients

Hot Efficacies

Pleasant Flavors