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To help you stand out in the oral care marketplace, we deliver in-house manufacturing and turnkey solutions from concept to completion, including best-in class ingredients, effective formulation and package design.

Turnkey Solutions for Create Your Brand

Don't know where to Start? Two efficient ways for you to choose and start product branding.

Private Label
private label toothpaste

Hassle Free Branding with Assistance

You are essentially putting your brand name or logo on products that we have already designed and manufactured. With turnkey service, you can private label a new toothpaste line without complication.
Contract Manufacturing
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Indepth Customization under Control

Though we take responsibility for ingredients sourcing, formula testing, sizes, bulk manufacturing, package design, all the design and specifics can be customized and are all under your control. We can do it entirely to your specifications, or we can brainstorm with you to get a clear picture of your vision and work to create it.


As safety and quality are the main keys to success, we guarantee compliance with global criteria.

Hot Toothpaste Efficacies in Market

Removes stains, plaque and tartar by adding enzymes, calcium lactate, sodium phytate and bring brightness of teeth.

It can inhibit plaque, reduce gum inflammation, bleeding, and repair the oral mucosa by adding herbs such as savior, scutellaria, chrysanthemum, etc.

It is used to relieve tooth sensitivity and pain by adding desensitizing ingredients such as potassium salt and tannin.

In addition, it can also be achieved by adding ginkgo, xylitol, hydroxyapatite, calcium glycerophosphate toothpaste. But it needs to be clinically verified before claiming the efficacy.


Robust Competence to Fulfill Your Ideas

To meet your needs of branding ideal oral care products, our years of experience and strong capabilities are at your disposal.

Response within 24 hours

After accessing to your requirements about formula or package, our expertise teams will make a quotation accordingly.

Authority in Industry

Over 30 years of development, as the director of China Oral Care Industry and Association, we can fulfill your orders efficiently with constant innovation, latest machines, and updated expertise.

Turnkey Solutions

A series of custom services on your demands, including sourcing raw material, customizing formula, manufacturing with samples or formula, and designing package.

Get In Touch with Specialist

*All your information is kept private and confidential.

A Full Range of Custom Toothpaste

Unlimited possibilities for you to distinct from others

Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

Grams: 180g
Charcoal + Baking Soda Toothpaste
Grams: 180g
Herbal Toothpaste
Grams: 180g
Macaroon Style Toothpaste
Grams: 105g

Fluorine-free kids toothpaste

Grams: 50g

Reliable Quality Win Loyal Customers For You

From ingredient to final inspection, whether developing our own formulas or reproducing yours, we understand what higher-value customers are seeking for as well as what they want to avoid.

Finest Food Grade Material

Pollution-free Clean Room

Detailed Inspection

Third-Party Certification

Guarantee till Aftersales

Certifications and Licenses

We take pride in being an FDA registered, HALAL approved, GMP compliant and ISO 22716 certified oral care manufacturer.









Indepth Collaboration
with 300+ Global Enterprises

Trusted by plenty of well-known oral care companies, we have built long-term collaboration relationships with them.

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*All your information is kept private and confidential.

Innovation Keeps You on Trend

As we all know, the market can be rapidly changeable in a short time, so we have been enhancing our capabilities over the last 30 years. In order to allow your brand to stand out from the competition, we are never stopped in researching and developing formulas and techniques in the oral care industry.

Hundreds of Effective Formulas

Decades of Industry Experiences

Latest Research Machines

Breakthrough Technical Difficulties