Hassle-free Oral Care Private Label

Provide end-to-end service for you to build oral care brands, including toothpaste, mouthwash, and breath spray.

Branding Products Without Fuss

One-stop solution with a series of services allows you to take more time on market without worrying about products.


With off-the-shelf formula & package collections and instocked samples, you can accelerate your speed to market an established product.


With our cutting edge machines and efficient capabilities, you can save upfront costs to get a wide range of products without spending on development, labor and machine.

Expertise Assistance

No need to worry about production and management. Professional experts in private label will take care of your products formulation, manufacturing, and packaging, among other services.

Recommendation on Trend

The formulas in our library are up-to-date to popular and hot in market. You can take advantage of trends or test the market for a new product line without spending time or money on research.

Private Lablel with Various Options

A wide variety of outstanding oral care products with turnkey OEM service from formula to container.

Charcoal + Baking soda/ Enzymes/ Probiotic/ Amino Acid Toothpaste

Efficacy: Whitening/Freshen breath/Periodontal protection
Flavor: Jasmine mint/ Mint
Package: tube
Grams: 180g

Herbal Toothpaste

Efficacy: Freshen breath/Plaque reduction/Gum protection
Flavor: Osmanthus mint / Herba fresca
Package: tube
Grams: 180g

Macaroon Style Toothpaste

Efficacy: Whitening teeth/ Refreshing breath
Flavor: Mints/ Lotus/ Mocha/ Sakura/ Coconut/ Orange
Package: tube
Grams: 105g

Fluorine-free kids toothpaste

Efficacy: Protecting from decay/ Freshening breath
Flavor: Strawberry / Grape
Package: tube
Grams: 50g

Charcoal & Enzyme Mousse Mouthwash

Efficacy: Freshening Breath
Flavor: Mint
Net Content: 60ml
Package: Sachet or bottle

Macaroon Mouth Freshener

Efficacy: Freshening Breath
Flavor: Sakura/ Grapefruit/ Mints
Grams: 105g
Package: Sprayer

Deliver Total Success with Thoughtful Service

Getting great custom oral care products shouldn't have to be complicated. Our expert team provides a full range of thoughtful services at every step.

Hundreds of Off-the-Shelf Formula to Choose

Our R&D team always keep on trend and even ahead of the rapid evolution in global market by continuously studying and innovating hot elements, techniques and regulations. A unique customized proposal based on your ideas and budget will be created with desired efficacy, colors, and fragrances.

In-stock Samples Ready to Ship

Regardless of how explicit we are talk about the product, it may not always be as your expectation. Nevertheless, it is more clear and concrete when you actually see it and test it. In such case, we prepare free samples for you to experience it.

Supply Premium Products with Robust Abilities

To ensure speedy production for your orders and help your brand develop with a short turnaround time, we build strong manufacturing capacity by making an investment in top-notch ingredients, cutting-edge equipment, and skilled people.  Alongside the whole manufacturing process, inspection will be strictly with ISO and GMPC standards before delivery.

One Stop Solution with Packaging Closure

After confirming the formula, you don’t have to find packaging companies or bear extra shipping costs for them any more. Equipped with latest PSG packing machine, our automatic packaging line in clean rooms can fill your formula in tube and pack in box with high efficiency.

Getting Started from Choosing a Formula

1.Formula Seletion

Hundreds of proven formulas are available to choose from.

2.Sample Delivery

Some samples in stock can ship in days and are for free.

3.Package Access

Follow your design or provide some suitable package for you.

4.Bulk Production

Efficient production starts with top-notch capabilities

5.Detailed Inspection

In every aspects, through ingredients efficacies to package compatibility.

Bring Your Exclusive Oral Care Products to Life!

Advance your brand with thoughtful and experienced support. Our Specialist will head back to you within 24 hours.

*All your information is kept private and confidential.