Indepth Oral Care Contract Manufacturing

You have ideas, visions, expectations, and we handle all aspects of product operations and bring them into reality with formulation, package design, and manufacturing.

Customize Under One Roof

Make your new product line hard to replicate in one stop without complication.

Technical Assistance

Whatever you need, we can customize it for you with our research and development abilities. Moreover, our experts will guide you through every process till you get your satisfied products.


With our cutting edge machines and efficient manufacturing capabilities, you can save upfront costs to get a wide range of products without spending on development, labor and machine.

Undercontrol at All Level

Though we take charge of the process, it’s your call to make a final decision. We will provide advice, but all the specifics are under your control.

Regulation Support

As for a new product line, some regulations or documents are necessary, and we will collect and organize those required for your projects, such as MSDS and etc.

A Full Range of Custom Options

Unlimited possibilities for you to distinct from others


A spectrum of oral care products, including toothpaste, collutorio, and mouth freshener


Whether you prefer natural ingredients, classical flavors, and active efficacies, we can customize for you including charcoal, mentine, fleshing breath, and so on.


From a travel toiletry size to a large size (4-200g), we can tailor it according to your targeted market.


Already got packages? Our automatic line can help you fill in it. And if not, we also provide design services with various shapes and sizes from tube to box.

Turnkey Services to Creating Your Oral Care Line

Customizing an oral care product shouldn't have to be complicated. Our expert teams provide thoughtful services at every step.

Customize Your Formula on Trend & Budget

Our R&D team always keep on trend and even stay ahead of the rapid evolution in global market by continuously studying and innovating hot elements, techniques and regulations. A unique customized proposal based your ideas and budget will be created with desired efficacy, colors, and fragrances.

Supply Premium Products with Robust Abilities

To ensure speedy production for your orders and help your brand develop with a short turnaround time, we build strong manufacturing capacity by making an investment in top-notch ingredients, cutting-edge equipment, and skilled people. Alongside the whole manufacturing process, inspection according to ISO and GMPC standards will be strictly implemented before delivery.

Set Your Brand Design Apart From Others

With expertise from both aesthetic and industry backgrounds,our team will help turn your concept into an eye-catching design. Get a packaging solution that highlights selling points within the allow a range of cosmetics policies to widen your customer base.

Five Steps to Create Unique Products

1.Formula Customization

Follow your sample or ideas, we will conduct research and develop a unique formula.

2.Design della confezione

A digital proof will be rendered for you. And designers provide two-time revisions to your satisfaction.

3.Sample Delivery

An original sample according to your brand target will be brought to life and delivered to your hands.

4.Bulk Production

To meet your expectations, production will start after every specific is confirmed.

5.Detailed Inspection

The finished products go through rigorous tests in the factory and are checked by third party.