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No matter whether you prefer private label on off-the-shelf toothpaste or custom toothpaste, package and other aspects, our knowledgeable experts can get you covered!

Facilitate Your Business with Strong Support

Whatever you require to develop a new toothpaste line, our experts are ready to fulfill with extensive abilities.


Certified Quality & Safety

Reliable material from notable global suppliers sets your business apart in the marketplace, and achieve global certification such as FDA, HALAL, ISO, GMPC and etc.

Authority in Industry

Over 30 years of development, as the director of China Oral Care Industry and Association, we can fulfill your orders efficiently with constant innovation, latest machines, and updated expertise.

Free Samples

Free standard samples with only paying postage can arrive within days. And if you need a custom formula, we can also blend a sample based on your specifications.

Flexible Solutions

A series of custom services on your demands, including sourcing raw material, customizing formula, manufacturing with samples or formula, and designing package.

A Full Range of Formula Options

Unlimited possibilities for you to distinct from others

Taliored Packaging Design & Solution

To enhance your toothpaste brand aesthetic and make it stand out in the market, we also provide design and print services on tube, pump or box. What’s more, our automatic line with the lastest equipment fills the ingredient in tube, packs your eyecatching package and delivers a completed product to your hands.
designing for the toothpaste

Turnkey Solution for Create Your Brand

Don't know where to Start? Two efficient ways for you to choose and start product branding.

Label privé
private label toothpaste

Hassle Free Branding with Assistance

You are essentially putting your brand name or logo on products that we have already designed and manufactured. With turnkey service, you can private label a new toothpaste line without complication.
Fabrication sous contrat
a tube of toothpaste

Indepth Customization under Control

Though we take responsibility for ingredients sourcing, formula testing, sizes, bulk manufacturing, package design, all the design and specifics can be customized and are all under your control. We can do it entirely to your specifications, or we can brainstorm with you to get a clear picture of your vision and work to create it.

Extensive and Popular Selection

A wide range of toothpastes in various types and combinations are offered for you to target a diverse assortment of consumer markets.

Charcoal + Baking soda/ Enzymes/ Probiotic/ Amino Acid Toothpaste

Efficacy: Whitening/Freshen breath/Periodontal protection
Flavor: Jasmine mint/ Mint
Grams: 180g

Herbal Toothpaste

Efficacy: Freshen breath/Plaque reduction/Gum protection
Flavor: Osmanthus mint / Herba fresca
Grams: 180g

Macaron Style Toothpaste

Efficacy: Whitening teeth/ Refreshing breath
Flavor: Mints/ Lotus/ Mocha/ Sakura/ Coconut/ Orange
Grams: 105g

Fluorine-free kids toothpaste

Efficacy: Protecting from decay/ Freshening breath
Flavor: Strawberry / Grape
Grams: 50g

anti-cavity toothpaste

Efficacy: Gum Protection/ Anti-inflammatory/ Reduce pain
Flavor: Cherry blossom / Mint
Grams: 150g

Anti-Sensitive Toothpaste

Efficacy: Anti-Sensitive
Flavor: Fresh tea / Fresh cinnamon
Grams: 100g

Already make a decision in mind?

Hot Toothpaste Efficacies in Market

Removes stains, plaque and tartar by adding enzymes, calcium lactate, sodium phytate and bring brightness of teeth.

It can inhibit plaque, reduce gum inflammation, bleeding, and repair the oral mucosa by adding herbs such as savior, scutellaria, chrysanthemum, etc..

It is used to relieve tooth sensitivity and pain by adding desensitizing ingredients such as potassium salt and tannin.

In addition, it can also be achieved by adding ginkgo, xylitol, hydroxyapatite, calcium glycerophosphate toothpaste. But it needs to be clinically verified before claiming the efficacy.


Pros and Cons About Fluroide


As an ingredient in a certain amount, it improves the acid-etching resistance of teeth and inhibits acid production by cariogenic bacteria. In fact, human saliva contains a certain amount of fluoride, but is not effective enough for protecting teeth. Fluoride toothpaste can form a strong layer on the surface of teeth, and the ratio of suffering from decay will be decreased.

● A cost-friendly way than others efficacy replacement

● Time-saving without clinical verification

● Effective performance within the safe dosage


It is not an organic ingredient, and will do harm to health with excessive exposure. Overdose can not only thin the layer of teeth, but also cause diseases such as dental fluorosis. It is vital to remind customers not to use too much toothpaste at a time.Children who have a higher risk of swallowing toothpaste should avoid using fluoride toothpaste.

● Toxic to health while intake too much

● Not an organic ingredient

● Higher risk for children’s health

Is SLS-free Toothpaste A Good Choice?


Effective with excellent foaming and cleaning agents that bring the teeth fresh and clean.

Cost-friendly in massive production.

Reduce the anti-cavity effectiveness of fluoride on teeth enamel.

It is not suitable for those with gum disease as it stimulates your inflamed gum tissue.

Some alternative surfactants of SLS with unpleasant taste can only be covered with strong flavorings, which lead to too harsh for mouths.

SLS as a harsh detergent is still a chemical exposure to your mouth.


SLS-free toothpaste can decrease discomfort from canker sores, reduce sensitivity pain, and quicken recovery time.

It can attract social attention and build environmental awareness.

More expensive to produce and often retail at a higher cost to the consumer, but it can also bring higher financial value.

Low foaming, weak, and watery do not leave the teeth feeling quite as clean.

More difficult to clean teeth without heavy consistency.

Its shelf life is shorter because it lacks of preserving components like those synthetic toothpastes.

toothbrush and toothpaste

Why does Toothpaste Burn?

What is in toothpaste?A professional toothpaste composes a multitude of ingredients. Although they’re generally safe, some may exhibit slight variations upon individual consumers. For the sake of your custom toothpaste projects, it’s always wise to consult your toothpaste manufacturers or suppliers.

Toothpaste Ingredients that may cause the burning sensation

Ingredients like hydrated silica or baking soda helps remove plaque and surface stains. These agents, when used with moderate pressure, can create a mild abrasive effect that may lead to a burning sensation in some individuals.

A common ingredient in toothpaste. It strengthens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay. Although generally safe and beneficial, some individuals may experience sensitivity or a mild burning sensation due to the contact of fluoride with sensitive oral tissues.

These contain chemical compounds like pyrophosphates or zinc citrate to help prevent tartar buildup. They sometimes cause a mild burning sensation, especially if they come into contact with irritated or sensitive gums.

Some toothpaste formulations include alcohol or menthol to provide a refreshing and cooling sensation. In some cases, these ingredients can lead to a slight burning sensation, especially if there are open sores or irritations in the mouth.

FAQS on Toothpaste

Most toothpastes contain mild abrasives (such as hydrated silica or alumina), which help remove surface stains from teeth. They also contain chemical compounds like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which have a whitening effect by breaking down stains and discoloration.

The colors on toothpaste tubes or packaging are often used to indicate different flavors or variants of toothpaste. For instance, blue might indicate a mint flavor, while red could represent cinnamon or fruity flavors. The specific meanings can vary between different brands and products.

If you accidentally swallow a small amount of toothpaste while brushing, it is generally considered safe and should not cause harm. However, if a substantial amount is swallowed or if any unusual symptoms occur, it is recommended to contact a healthcare professional or poison control center for advice.

Toothpaste foams due to the presence of surfactants, such as sodium lauryl sulfate or cocamidopropyl betaine. These chemicals help to reduce surface tension and create bubbles, which increase the spreadability and effectiveness of toothpaste during brushing. Foaming also gives a psychological perception of cleansing and freshness while brushing.